Learning Index

Learning Index

Ambient schooling: Putting learning back into life – Taking a different perspective on learning as an integral part of all activities with the pedagogical, societal and ethical implications implied… (read more)
Connected Magazine, May 25th, 2003.

“Anyone got a can-opener?” Opening up the Internet – Changing ways things are done has little to do with telling people what to do, but more with creating a framework for them to develop their own ways… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Oct. 22nd, 1996.

Are we learning or managing competences? – Without some form of feedback and subsequent evaluation, no learning – in the very broadest sense of the word – can take place. Life is not possible without learning, as life in all its facets involves ongoing processes of change and adaptation that require us to learn… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Feb. 15th, 1999.

Boundaries and peripheries – Understanding the distinction between institutional boundaries and those of communities of practice can greatly enhance change and innovation… (read more)
Connected Magazine, nov. 29th, 2007.

Emotional Intelligence – Our perception of the relationship between thought and emotions turns out to be somewhat misguided. The majority of us tacitly subscribe to the idea that thought is most appropriate when not clouded by emotions… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Mar. 1st, 1996.

Emotional Intelligence in Schools – There is currently a tendency to consider schools as organic wholes that grow and develop, and within which all the actors, their actions and their knowledge are interrelated and interact with the surrounding environment. This organic metaphor for institutions is taken up by those who seek to increase the efficiency of schools as places of learning… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Feb. 28th, 1997.

Emotional Skills on the Internet – The Internet has a rather confused image in terms of emotions. On the one hand, as a complex technical system, it is frequently portrayed as evacuating emotions and depersonalising relationships. Or if there are emotions, they are seen to be doubtful, fake, phoney, unreal … (read more)
Connected Magazine, Mar. 6th, 1997.

Evaluation in complex situations – Widening the scope of evaluation to ‘moments of evaluation’ produces a better understanding and increased efficiency when evaluating complex situations… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Jan. 5th, 2009.

From clockwork to webs of relationships – Policy-making is clouded by unchallenged assumptions about what policy can do with practice. This article explores the relationship between the two… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Nov. 4th, 2007.

Leadership, information-gathering and the future – What if we’ve got wrong? – How to go from observation to action? What are the challenges for policy and decision makers in the field of ICT in school education?… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Oct. 6th, 2004.

Learning moments – In Western minds learning is bound to a dis-embodied activity called schooling. In comparison, learning moments are activities deeply embedded in life… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Apr. 24th, 2010.

The Next Curve: emerging issues in education – Constellations of major policy issues go under a banner that acts as a call to arms. These become the leitmotif for agencies working on those issues. (read more)
Connected Magazine, Dec. 13th, 2005

Nine lessons of schooling … or why school is not what you think it is – School is about learning Maths or English and preparing young people for work and society. It is also about imprinting strong lessons in children. But how do these ’embedded messages’ impact learning? (read more)
Connected Magazine, Aug. 29th, 2009.

Only the impossible is likely to save us – We’ve all been victims, one way or another, of the pandemic. Now the latest IPCC report on climate change predicts imminent disaster on another front. And they are right. We need a global, far-reaching solution to avert the catastrophe that awaits us. Unrealistic? Only the impossible is likely to save us. (read more)
Connected Magazine, Aug. 9th, 2021

Open sourcing ideas. A hacker approach to working and learning – What can we learn from the ‘hacker’ approach to work and learning? What does this comparison reveal about the nature of work and its place in society? (read more)
Connected Magazine, Feb. 9th, 2002. Updated Mar. 16th, 2020

Prayer – Going beyond emotional intelligence – In what follows, I’d like to start from Emotional Intelligence as a concept aimed at improving ourselves and our relationship to the world, and introduce prayer as an activity also undertaken to improve both ourselves and the world around us, but from an all-embracing spiritual perspective… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Apr. 25th, 2000.

Schools challenged by Life Long Learning – In response to eight questions by the European Commission, comments and key directions forward from schooling to life long learning… (read more)
Connected Magazine, 20th Aug. 2007.

Science in the face of an uncertain future – In the face of ever increasing uncertainty, we need a new understanding of the future and its relationship to the present and past… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Apr. 25th, 2021.

Trees of knowledge – Pierre Lévy postulates a new language to provide a dynamic representation of thought models, giving the Tree of Knowledge as an example…. (read more)
Connected Magazine, Jul. 7th 1997.