Networked Society

Networked Society

Belonging and being excluded – What does belonging imply? And being excluded? Is not the unachievable aim of universal access bound to produce exclusion… (read more)
Connected Magazine, May. 14th, 1997.

Desire and Exclusion. The Never Ending Quest for Universal Access – The more we insist on the necessity of universal access, the greater the feeling of exclusion in those who don’t have it, even if they don’t need it… (read more)
Connected Magazine, May 15th, 2000.

Complexity and the Networked Society – In their book “The New Alliance” Isabelle Stengers and Ilya Prigogine write “It is no longer stable situations or permanency that interest us, but rather evolutions, crises and instabilities“…  (read more)
Connected Magazine, Dec. 8th, 1998.

The Distracted World. Being and not being in a mediated world – Distraction could be said to be a deficit of “presence”, where presence is a perceivable quality of being in the relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world… (read more)
Connected Magazine, May. 20th 2001.

Stop the world! I wanna get off – Challenging the underlying postulates of the Information Society: the global community, shrinking space, accelerating of time, the pervasive network… (read more)
Connected Magazine, Oct. 1st, 1996.