Belonging and being excluded

The following text was written by way of preparation for the seminar entitiled “L’artiste, le citoyen et l’entrepreneur” organised by the CICV in collaboration with ARTEC and the Council of Europe during the Festival “La Vallée des Terres Blanches”. Unfortunately none of the related sites have survived, so the links have been removed.

Belonging and being excluded

Belonging or not belonging

What does belonging imply? Being accepted by a group?…

Prayer – Going beyond emotional intelligence

This text about prayer was initially sparked by James Redfield’s “The Secrets of Shambhala”, a most inspiring book. Following on from that, I was expecting to find further development in Larry Dossey’s “Healing Words”, only to be disappointed. I suspect Dossey was unable or unwilling to give form and unfettered voice to his convictions because of his role as a doctor and a scientist.

Emotional Intelligence

“An eagle is nested on the top of my head. I can have him soar up above me whenever I want and his vision from those heights is a part of me. At all times, I have to stay linked to him by an invisible thread of light…”
Freely adapted from Henri Gougaud’s, Les Sept Plumes de l’Aigle (Seuil, Paris, 1995).…

Emotional Intelligence in schools

The following article is one of a series of texts about Emotional Intelligence sparked off by Daniel Goleman’s book about Emotional Intelligence and research work observing a number of primary schools in Geneva, Switzerland. I am also very much indebted to my two children, Zoé and Iannis, who are daily confronted with the refusal of school to take into consideration their emotional abilities and difficulties.

Learning Index

Learning Index

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