From clockwork to webs of relationships

This article was written as a follow-up to the Brussels meeting of European Schoolnet’s Policy and Innovation Committee in June 2007 which was dedicated to improving the understanding of the relationship between policy and practice. This article draws on an earlier article (1) published on Connected Magazine in conjunction with a talk I gave at the Holland Open Software Conference 2007.

Leadership, information gathering and the future – What if we’ve got it wrong?

The following text was written as preparation for a seminar entitled “From Observation to Action: Challenges for Policy and Decision Makers in the Field of ICT in School Education” jointly organised by the SATW and EENet that was to take place at Schloss Münchenwiler early October 2004. I took part in that seminar on behalf of the Swiss Agency for ICT in Education (CTIE).

Learning Index

Learning Index

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