Why schools cannot promote equity

Why schools cannot promote equity

Schools cannot hope to promote equity as long as they continue to privilege certain types of learning and certain competences while, by default, stigmatising those whose ability lies elsewhere and otherwise. From the perspective of a sustainable knowledge economy, schools are criminally wasteful in the way they implicitly reject any form of learning or any competence that does not fit their paradigm of learning.

Schools challenged by Life Long Learning

The following text provides my personal thoughts on the European Commission’s Working Paper entitled “Schools for the 21st Century” SEC(2007)1009 published early July 2007 (link no longer available). The consultation paper took the form of an introduction followed by a series of eight questions, each accompanied by a short text. The deadline for contributions about the consultation to the Commission was October 15th, 2007. 

Nine lessons of schooling … or why school isn’t what you think it is

The following article was originally based on a talk I gave at Xchange 2006 in Belfast and on discussion about the concept of the next curve in educational policy-making that took place in European Schoolnet’s Policy and Innovation Committee that met in Belfast prior to Xchange. The title of my talk was “Thinking out of the box … but how big is the box?”